Sunday, October 25, 2009

Baby Steps

Sometimes life can narrow to tiny points of pleasure. A new CD, a trip to the cinema, coming home to X Factor, the promise of Gemini.

A win against United.

Some people may judge those who need these things to make it through the week. Who cherish such tiny, simple delicacies. But I pity the people who need big social drama, huge, expensive nonsense, Paris and Vienna... because they will always struggle to be happy.

Me? I always have the means to make myself happy again :)

I've been rampaging through some films! So a couple of pointers for ya, should you find yourself in need of entertainment:

Adventureland - Watched this a couple of days ago. Initially the fact that it's from the makers of Superbad can either attract or repel you. Um, it's nothing like Superbad. There is the occasional bad taste joke, but the film is, at heart, a love story. A summer love story (surely the best kind?). I watched this with two boys and they were, um, less than impressed. I loved it, but I have the hots for Jesse Eisenberg and think Kristen Stewart is an excellent actress (in everything except Twilight).


Little Ashes - Yet more Twilight-related fayre! RPattz plays Salvidor Dali in this. And he's very good. But that's the only saving grace of this film. The story is... boring. And I'm a history geek! Dali's character is very irritating. Total snooze-fest really.


American Teen - I wanted to watch this when it was playing in Manchester for like two weeks, but never had the time. The basic premise is that a documentary team filmed the senior year of four students in a typical high school in Warsaw -the jock, the geek, the princess and the rebel. Not surprisingly enough (in the era of Juno) the main focus was on Little Miss Rebel Hannah Bailey.

Hannah's story is indefinitely the most interesting, but I found myself sucked in by the others as well. It was tempting to wonder if certain elements of the documentary weren't... twisted, but regardless this is still better than most of what's cluttering the cinema listings right now. I was cheering all of the kids on and was left feeling satisfied by an ending that avoided over-sentimentality.


Tonight I'm off to see the Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. We'll see if it lives up to it's reputation!

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