Thursday, September 10, 2009

So Grab Some Beers, Call Your Friends and Meet Us Here, In The Summer Park With Me and My Friend Dan

I hate saying goodbyes.

We had a dinner party last night. Our Dan slaved over his two courses. And they were delicious. I never knew I liked pork and cider. I had seconds.

And then there was my dessert. Which brings us to Number 7 (Make A Cheesecake From Scratch).

I was way nervous about this. Especially since Dan's food was so nice! In the end, it turned out okay. I knew our Markie wouldn't lie to me about how good it tasted, and he went back for another slice. And this morning Dan and Toni polished off the rest. So it must have tasted okay!

I think next time a little more sugar, a ginger base and a sweeter fruit and it'll be perfect.

Gonna miss you Dan!

1 comment:

flowery mug said...

Yummy it was!!
I think you should make the cheesecake-making a regular thing..
Glad you didn't post the awful picture of me where I look like I'd been hit in the face..
See you Weds probably!.X