Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Silver Paper, Shimmery Ribbon

Chilling with Frank. I came home from work yesterday to find him waiting for me. The new album is great. But you'll have to part with some cash and buy it yourselves.

Lately I've been thinking about presents. I have a couple of special birthdays coming up.

As soon as I got a job I started putting a lot more effort into gift buying. There've been hits, big hits, but they're really outweighed by collossal misses. Some people are so easy to buy gifts for (*cough cough* Kyle *cough*), but others are a nightmare.

Case in point, my best friend. Just proof that the more you know someone does not mean it's any easier to pick presents for them.

So what are the best presents? The expensive ones? The surprises? The practical? The zany?

I've had some pretty awesome presents. The sign of a great gift is that you can remember everything about when you got it. Toni once bought me White Stripes tickets which were awesome. She gave them to me in my folks old car and my parents waxed lyrical about what a thoughtful gift it was. Skinny and Krista made me a photo album which they gave me like 5 minutes before an exam. Kirsty got me my first dog collar when I was fifteen. It was a big deal.

Vic got me one of my best gifts ever. I can't remember how old I was. But I remember that she'd come back from a holiday and not bought me anything. So she burned me Silverchair's 'Diorama'. I love that album. It remains one of the best things anyone has ever got me.

What was your best present?

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cath_skinny said...

You got a signed copy?! I got mine yesterday. I love it. Especially track 6.

Obviously on the present front I'm going to say my car. But other than that I would have to say that box of stuff that you gave me when I started uni. It was lovely and unexpected and my sadness at missing home only lasted around half an hour because the Jelly Cherries in the box cheered me right up.

I'll text you to try and work out plans for Blackpool. xxx