Monday, September 21, 2009

Number 11

Number 11 - Go On A Big Wheel

I kind of hope Blackpool will become an annual tradition. It was just so nice to catch up with Catt and see little Caitlyn. I was not overly enthusiastic, however, about going on the Big Wheel. Sure, it wasn't as nerve-wracking as giving blood, but it was hardly pleasant. I mean, can you see my totally fake smile? I wasn't even putting on a good show.

But whatevs. It's done now and I am fast catching up on my list :)

Blackpool was fun. I'm still SO MAD AT MYSELF for forgetting my camera. It was a strange day, and not at all like I expected. But I did get a kickass pair of sunnies (which Caitlyn kindly modelled for me). I'm sure the others will blog more extensively about it.

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