Thursday, September 24, 2009

Karen Ellison's: THE EVENT

I got a lovely present yesterday! And I'd like to share it with everyone!

Tall Alan (nicknamed thus for obvious reasons) is my fellow geek in all that is geeky. Sci-fi, anime, retro kids tv, all manner of fantasy and even... TWILIGHT!

Look what I got!
Twilight Photo Cards! I thought I'd share this happy, happy event with all of you and open them live on my blog (yeah, I'm not starved for blogging ideas, just insanely excited about my photo cards!)

Here we go...

Lets have a look!

OMG, it's a double Emmett score!

Hmm, the cards are... not quite what I was expecting. They all have a weird little title. And a little story on the back. Huh.

However, here endeth the live event!

Which now leads me to my idea! Maybe I should send some of my favourite bloggers a random present which they have to open on their blog?! It could be REALLY fun!

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cath_skinny said...

I loved this post! It was still exciting despite being about Twilight! Miss you loads. By the way, me and Jess saw Adventureland like you suggested. I'll text you once I know about getting you the money. Love you lots xxx