Tuesday, September 22, 2009


If it wasn't official before, it is today: I am a Manchester University alumni.

It feels very real and I've felt it for a while. I know I'll never have to write another essay, go to another class, take another exam. It's coming to terms with my Graduate status which is more difficult. I still feel like a student. I get annoyed at having to pay full price for everything. And everyone at work still talks to me as if I'm still seventeen:

"You back at college yet?"
"Um, I'm, like, 21."

It doesn't help that no one else has graduated. Even Toni is still technically a student. I'm the first graduate.

Still, looking at the mess they've made of this year's student loan funds, I guess I'm kind of glad I finished when I did. Seriously, how can people be surprised that there's more kids going to Uni than ever before? Kids are getting smarter and there are no jobs. I mean, hello.

I guess I feel sorry for the ones who are going to Uni to better themselves and their future prospects, as opposed to the ones just going for a laugh, or to delay the inevitable.

It kind of makes me sad to think that if I'd been five years younger, I might never have been able to even go to University.


augusta_avenue said...

hey! I graduated!

silverpistola said...

Yes, but you're still at UNI!