Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Truth About Forever

When I was in High School I was never happy unless I was in love. So I guess I was always happy? These days I'm content not to be obsessing over some stupid boy. I spent a year becoming infatuated with boys I didn't really like, kissing frogs and getting in with the wrong crowd.

I'm not trying to say I'm off boys. But I'm happy to wait.

Still, there are moments when you remember what it was like to be intoxicated by another person. It's hard not to be in love with being in love. And teenage infatuation is a strong force. It can take you to dizzying heights and miserable lows. Plus it's all too easy to get over since it was never real. Perfect really.

Since I've never really been in love, I wonder if I'll know when it happens? My faith in love has taken some real tough blows of late. I just want to know that it's possible for two people to love each other forever. If it isn't, I might not bother.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Well, aren't you a treasure?

Been working, working, staring - busy miss bee.

Everyone is coming, coming, going.

Night offers me his hand, twirls me into his cold arms.

And I am sleep, sleep, walk.

I have been a film watching machine. Firstly, (500) Days of Summer! Oh, it's good. I'd forgotten how cute Joseph Gordon-Levitt was. Then Wristcutters: A Love Story. It sounds terrible, I know, but it was awesome. The end made me smile, and I'm discovering my smiles are a rare and valuable occurrence. And tonight Dorian Gray, which was sooooooooo scary. Don't you think it's the things you don't see that are easily the most terrifying? Thus why Dorian Gray scared me, but it was great too.

Have the most lovely week ahead after rotten old Monday. If you are soon to leave me, I miss you already.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Karen Ellison's: THE EVENT

I got a lovely present yesterday! And I'd like to share it with everyone!

Tall Alan (nicknamed thus for obvious reasons) is my fellow geek in all that is geeky. Sci-fi, anime, retro kids tv, all manner of fantasy and even... TWILIGHT!

Look what I got!
Twilight Photo Cards! I thought I'd share this happy, happy event with all of you and open them live on my blog (yeah, I'm not starved for blogging ideas, just insanely excited about my photo cards!)

Here we go...

Lets have a look!

OMG, it's a double Emmett score!

Hmm, the cards are... not quite what I was expecting. They all have a weird little title. And a little story on the back. Huh.

However, here endeth the live event!

Which now leads me to my idea! Maybe I should send some of my favourite bloggers a random present which they have to open on their blog?! It could be REALLY fun!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


If it wasn't official before, it is today: I am a Manchester University alumni.

It feels very real and I've felt it for a while. I know I'll never have to write another essay, go to another class, take another exam. It's coming to terms with my Graduate status which is more difficult. I still feel like a student. I get annoyed at having to pay full price for everything. And everyone at work still talks to me as if I'm still seventeen:

"You back at college yet?"
"Um, I'm, like, 21."

It doesn't help that no one else has graduated. Even Toni is still technically a student. I'm the first graduate.

Still, looking at the mess they've made of this year's student loan funds, I guess I'm kind of glad I finished when I did. Seriously, how can people be surprised that there's more kids going to Uni than ever before? Kids are getting smarter and there are no jobs. I mean, hello.

I guess I feel sorry for the ones who are going to Uni to better themselves and their future prospects, as opposed to the ones just going for a laugh, or to delay the inevitable.

It kind of makes me sad to think that if I'd been five years younger, I might never have been able to even go to University.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Number 11

Number 11 - Go On A Big Wheel

I kind of hope Blackpool will become an annual tradition. It was just so nice to catch up with Catt and see little Caitlyn. I was not overly enthusiastic, however, about going on the Big Wheel. Sure, it wasn't as nerve-wracking as giving blood, but it was hardly pleasant. I mean, can you see my totally fake smile? I wasn't even putting on a good show.

But whatevs. It's done now and I am fast catching up on my list :)

Blackpool was fun. I'm still SO MAD AT MYSELF for forgetting my camera. It was a strange day, and not at all like I expected. But I did get a kickass pair of sunnies (which Caitlyn kindly modelled for me). I'm sure the others will blog more extensively about it.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

What Is In A Name?

I've been thinking for a while about changing the name of my blog. I mean, 'Excellence Is Manditory' is very hard-hitting and ironic and all, but not exactly what I'm after. I came up with the name on the spare of the moment one day when I was at college. And lets be honest, I've come a long way from the 17-year-old me.

The only reason I haven't changed it yet is because I love my header so much!

And I have yet to come up with a perfect name.

But you can bet your ass my new name will not be anything like 'I have a new iPhone and feel the need to make everyone aware of it by posting incessantly'.

No siree.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Playing Catch Up - Numbers 8,9 and 10

I'm playing catch up with my list. And I'm putting my all into it. I did a couple of things whilst at Leeds, so here's me documenting it.

Number 8 - Go To Nando's

I've only ever been to Nando's for appetisers. And it's the kind of place that everyone likes. We went there on the Thursday before Leeds, and a lovely time was had by all. I had a yummy fillet burger, medium, with chips coated in Peri Peri sauce followed by toffee cheesecake. Mmmmm! And it was surprisingly cheap! Loved it.

Number 9 - Swipe something from a hotel

Everyone knows that it's not really stealing since you've paid for the room, right? I only nicked a propelling pencil and some shower gel anyway. Hardly rock 'n' roll.

Number 10 - Give Blood

I was really nervous about this one. But it's the kind of thing I've been putting off for too long. If it hadn't been for Urky and Vic, I'd very likely have wussed out. But I'm so glad I did it. It didn't hurt and was no big deal. Plus it's just cool to know that you're helping someone, somewhere.

If you can, I'd highly recommend giving blood.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

So Grab Some Beers, Call Your Friends and Meet Us Here, In The Summer Park With Me and My Friend Dan

I hate saying goodbyes.

We had a dinner party last night. Our Dan slaved over his two courses. And they were delicious. I never knew I liked pork and cider. I had seconds.

And then there was my dessert. Which brings us to Number 7 (Make A Cheesecake From Scratch).

I was way nervous about this. Especially since Dan's food was so nice! In the end, it turned out okay. I knew our Markie wouldn't lie to me about how good it tasted, and he went back for another slice. And this morning Dan and Toni polished off the rest. So it must have tasted okay!

I think next time a little more sugar, a ginger base and a sweeter fruit and it'll be perfect.

Gonna miss you Dan!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Silver Paper, Shimmery Ribbon

Chilling with Frank. I came home from work yesterday to find him waiting for me. The new album is great. But you'll have to part with some cash and buy it yourselves.

Lately I've been thinking about presents. I have a couple of special birthdays coming up.

As soon as I got a job I started putting a lot more effort into gift buying. There've been hits, big hits, but they're really outweighed by collossal misses. Some people are so easy to buy gifts for (*cough cough* Kyle *cough*), but others are a nightmare.

Case in point, my best friend. Just proof that the more you know someone does not mean it's any easier to pick presents for them.

So what are the best presents? The expensive ones? The surprises? The practical? The zany?

I've had some pretty awesome presents. The sign of a great gift is that you can remember everything about when you got it. Toni once bought me White Stripes tickets which were awesome. She gave them to me in my folks old car and my parents waxed lyrical about what a thoughtful gift it was. Skinny and Krista made me a photo album which they gave me like 5 minutes before an exam. Kirsty got me my first dog collar when I was fifteen. It was a big deal.

Vic got me one of my best gifts ever. I can't remember how old I was. But I remember that she'd come back from a holiday and not bought me anything. So she burned me Silverchair's 'Diorama'. I love that album. It remains one of the best things anyone has ever got me.

What was your best present?

Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Manditory Leeds Post

So this is really late, I know. This week has been kinda weird but I'm trying to catch up. This years' Leeds was probably in the top 3. There were bad moments, but they're infinitely buried in good/awesome/funny/silly/fantastic/mind-blowing moments.




Tuesday, September 01, 2009


I'm just trying to catch my breath right now!

I will post about Leeds in the next couple of days. Right now I can officially announce that SKINNY AND I WILL BE GOING TO LEEDS '10! Yep, got the tickets about a half hour ago :)

Leeds this year blew me away. Almost literally. I woke up yesterday feeling so satisfied and just... glowing :)

Today is the Jack's Mannequin show and maybe time to add to the family of metal living in my ears. So I hate to post and run but...

Oh! How could I almost forget! Frank Turner's new THE ROAD EP came out yesterday. It is awesome and Frank is poor so don't be a tightarse and get it bought. I refuse to do hand me outs of any more of Frank's stuff. If you want it, buy it.