Sunday, August 02, 2009


Right, I need to issue some sort of formal statement because my hand is aching from replying to texts and emails:

I never was and, after this, I certainly never shall be.

So why are certain people getting friend requests from "me"? I have no idea. And honestly, it's really creeping me out. What's weird is, certain people on my inner circle (Skinny, Vic etc) have had friend requests from me, but my workmates (Kylie, Marie, Neil etc) haven't and neither have my uni friends (Rhys, Alan, Roch etc).

So what may I deduce from this? The person who has done this clearly knows me and has some knowledge of my friends. But not a very good knowledge. What's weird is they sent a request to Ange. I love Ange and everything but she's not the first person I'd think of (though it did make Ange get in touch and it was nice catching up with her). Like my newer friends don't know Ange. Or my workmates. Weird, huh?

Either way, it's really, really pissed me off. I'm kind of ridiculously upset by the whole thing. Anyone who knows me knows my firm stance on Facebook, as in I'm clearly in the hater section. And surely this just totally turns me further off the idea of ever wanting to be a part of it.

So whatever. Don't add the imposter.


flowery mug said...

Yea, I got one too??
But when I went to the requests.. I didn't.. Hmmm.. Weird?!
But I no longer have your number from getting my new phone back.
Hope you're okay.X

Toni Ellen said...

That is so weird...

VAI2008 said...

I was well shocked! Freaked me out a bit! 'You' don't exist on the facebook world anymore though. Rob saw that 'we' were friends on there but didn't get a friends request. I was online (sadly) as soon as 'you' added me, 'you' didn't stay on fb very long at 40 minutes. x