Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Every time Manchester Academy update their website I am just more and more tempted by gigs. So I've (rather effortlessly) met my 8 gig target and right now I have 2 (possibly 3 after tomorrow) gigs to look forward to. That's enough.

Only it isn't. It's been a month since my last gig and I can already feel the itch. Of course, Leeds is certainly a cure for the itch (yo Urky, Tim Minchin is headlining the alternative stage!) but now that I have so many options gigwise and it's way too easy to get there I just find myself... salivating, metaphorically.

So anyway, my friend Alee over at Tales of The Virgin is going to be guest blogging whilst I'm in Scarborough. I'm sure she'll have some... insightful things to tell you.

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flowery mug said...

No way!!
He's at The Lowry the week after that too..