Thursday, August 13, 2009

Queen G

Tomorrow I go to Scarborough with my Grandma (who is fondly known on here as Queen G). This may seem strange to many of you and, though I often do strange things, I suppose I should explain.

I only have one Grandparent left. Queen G is my Dad's Mother, therefore she only has me and Rob as far as Grandchildren go. So she relishes us. Since she never had a daughter herself she's always found me to be a bit of a mystery. When I was little I was what my Dad called "easily pleased" which was really no surprise after the attention demmander that is my older brother.

Grandma is basically part of my family unit. So she used to come on all the family holidays with us. But when Rob and I got too old for family holidays and my folks started going abroad to sun themselves, Grandma had no one to go on holiday with. I think it's about 9 years since she last properly went away. So when she asked me to go with her I would never have refused.

People aren't here forever. It's important to me that I know my Grandmother before she goes anywhere. If you don't know where you come from, how can you know who you're gonna be? It's one of those things that I always know I'd regret if I didn't. Besides, it's incredibly rewarding being the person that's there for someone who doesn't have a lot of people to rely on.

Plus seriously, have you ever eaten prawns in Scarborough? Or walked down Robin Hood's Bay? Scarborough seriously kicks ass.

I wish I lived there.

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