Monday, August 03, 2009

Mercury Farce

I used to have a lot of respect for the Mercury Prize committee. No more my friends, no more.

Have you SEEN the nominations this year?:

Florence and the Machine
Bat for Lashes
La Roux
Speech Debelle
Friendly Fires
The Horrors
Lisa Hannigan
The Invisible

Led Bib
Sweet Billy Pilgrim

Ew, ew, EW! I mean, La Roux. Seriously? Glasvegas - meh. Glasvegas are like Manic Street Preachers - but rubbish. And how, how has Emmy The Great not made the list? People have been intensely bumming her album. Out of those 12, there's only 4 I like. But I hate it when the Mercury Prize goes to a big, well-established band cause they don't need the cash. So I won't be keeping my fingers crossed for Kasabian, even though their latest album is a masterpiece.

Personally, I'm hoping for Friendly Fires, Sweet Billy Pilgrim or The Horrors. But you could have guessed that right?

The ones you might not have heard of: well, Sweet Billy Pilgrim are good. Their album is short and sweet, kind of like what Bon Iver might produce when he's in a good mood. Led Bib are a jazz group. Lisa Hannigan is a singer/songwriter from Dublin and, though her songs aren't bad, she's no Emmy. The Invisible are difficult to pigeonhole, apparently they're playing Leeds Fest so I might check them out. Oh, and don't bother with Speech Debelle. Trust me.

Pffft, I knew it was going downhill the year Guillemots were robbed.


augusta_avenue said...

I'm more shocked that Bat for Lashes were nominated. They're absolute shite.

I agree, the Horrors to win.

flowery mug said...

Florence & The Machine?!?!!!