Thursday, August 20, 2009


I met Karen when she was 17 (isn't this a very guest blogger-y story to tell?). My best friend Tom worked with her for about a month (if you know Tom you know he isn't cut out for manual labour) and she, in his words, 'carried him' throughout his duration at the stadium.

Karen had mentioned to Tom a growing interest in Anime. And I just happen to be an Anime Aficionado. If you can name it, I've seen it. Tom naturally gave her my email and there we have it. 4 years later and we're still emailing back and forth to discuss the latest seasons (anime is like tv, each season new/brand new series are released. We have to wait a little longer for the subs though).

So Karen mentioned before going that I should post something about my anime preferences. Apparently this is going to drive someone, and I quote, "insane cause she won't be able to mock you".

In the spirit of fun - I love anime where people are obsessed with eating. For some reason in anime food tends to make all problems go away. Anime set in schools is fun. Reverse harem (lots of guys chasing one girl) anime is indefinitely my favourite, though it can get rather tedious. Animes with talking animals for no apparent reason (ahem Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pichi) freak me out.

But I have to say the best anime ever is slice of life.

I do hope this post had the desired effect.

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cath_skinny said...

Oh my goodness! I don't know you but I love you forever for writing that. It's so funny (Karen may explain and I'm sure you'll be unimpressed) but it is funny. When I next have one of those days where everything starts going wrong then that paragraph on your anime preferences will doubtlessly cheer me up. Thank you! xxx