Saturday, August 15, 2009

Guest Blogging

Hello readers of Karen's Blog! I am Alee and I've been allowed to guest blog. I say allowed since I almost had to beg. Karen was all ready to schedule some posts or find an internet cafe while she's in Yorkshire for the week.

Can I just say that it wasn't easy to get this gig?

If you know Karen this probably won't surprise you, but she made me agree to follow a set of rules - RULES FOR GUEST BLOGGING!

I found these rules quite funny and thought they said a lot about her.

1. Use capital letters, correct grammar and always spellcheck

This one I didn't mind. Considering I do English Literature at University, I should use better English on my own blog. But I always write it in a hurry.

2. No posts about vibrators

Ah. If you've read my blog you'll know I enjoy looking for vibrators masquerading as "massagers". But I'll save those treats for my blog then.

3. Do talk about Twilight

As if she could stop me!

4. Don't talk about music


5. My readers do not want to hear about the following: your pubic hair, your sex life, your fetishes or sexual exploits.

Really? I've got some pretty good stories about my pubes, sex life and kinky whims. Your loss.

6. And finally: no embarrassing stories.

Oh tosh. What the hell am I supposed to write about then?

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