Friday, July 24, 2009

Number 5 (Get Up, Get Up, It's A One Night Stand!)

So I'm falling behind with these posts. But at least I'm doing the tasks!

5. Go Abroad

Marseille is one weird city. And I had one weird week there. But anywhere with my compadres guarantees laughs and downright legendary memories. I have a few favourite moments of the week:

- Watching Kyle and Dan eating at the Haagen Daas restaurant for the first time. I've never seen grins so wide!
- Taking Toni on an unexpected tour of every fountain in the city whilst she was dying to pee.
- Eating cherries as black as coal.
- Rescuing Dan's shorts (we mustn't give up!)
- Ring Of Fire
- The night(s) of pulling stupid faces
- Our many failed attempts at whispering (so as not to wake poor Vic)
- Groin

So you must have seen it coming that I'd whip up a little Marseille vid. Tis hardly my best work, but it amused me nonetheless.

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