Thursday, July 16, 2009

Number 3

Okay, so this one is technically (if we're ordering them chronologically) number 4, but whatever.

3. Go To A Gig On My Own

I've dragged my mates to a lot of gigs. And I've missed out on a lot of gigs. Strangely I just couldn't bear to miss out on Manchester Orchestra.

Going on my own wasn't so bad. I got to the front and waited. And waited and waited. I was, oddly enough, surrounded by Americans too.

Once the band had come on, all was well and being on my own didn't feel strange at all. I was just so glad I'd had the courage to go. It was a great night and the band were great (even though the most gorgeous guitarist in the world has grown a moustache).

Now I'm just thinking of other gigs I could go solo to... like Mew in November... mmm, squee...

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