Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Number 2 (heh heh)

Oh really, if I ever get too old to laugh when someone says number 2 please shoot me.

2. Go For A Meal In Chinatown

This was a joint celebration of Kyle getting older (woo!) and Vic coming home. I'd wanted to do something a bit... different. And this was certainly different.

The guys ate with chopsticks (must be a macho thing). Toni could barely eat any of her main meal since she was so full from starters. Markie had duck for the first time (and liked it). And we ate orange slices afterwards during which we discovered that I am, apparently, shit (because I don't eat oranges right).

And I finally have overcome my Chinese food phobia (caused by an unfortunate dim sum experience). I still wouldn't say Chinese is my favourite cuisine, but it's nice to know that I don't have to write it off completely.

I love chinatown. I'd recommend it to anyone.

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VAI2008 said...

It was harsh but you were full on failing at eating an orange!! Sorry!