Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Music That Saves Me

*Who loves Jack's Mannequin?

Kaz loves Jack's Mannequin!

Is it true?

MMM-HMM! I do I do I do I do ooh!

(*you may only understand this if you were born in the 80s)

Oh yeah baby, we're going watching Jack's Mannequin!!! Squee, squee, squee! And this will bring my 09 gig total up to TEN!!! TEN GIGS IN ONE YEAR! And that's only so far. Who knows how many I might end up attending before the year is out? I have rocked this resolution.

There aren't many bands that make utterly perfect, that make music that you always feel like listening to. Personally, I can only name 5. And Jack's Mannequin are indefinitely one of them. I just can't recommend them enough. I converted Toni, Skinny and Dan into fans (and boy do I take full credit for that). Even Stephenie Meyer credits them in part for Twilight!!!

(Either, 'Caves', 'Swim' or 'I'm Ready')


absolute reality said...

I LOVE Jack's Mannequin. Woop woop!!! We have to get there like 5 hours early. We MUST be at the front :P x

Toni Ellen said...

WOOOOOOOOP!!! The best news... EVER. (by the way, I totally understand the reference, being born in the 80s and all.. man, I feel sorry for anyone born in the 90s)xx