Saturday, July 25, 2009

From The Garden

My rabbit is shedding. Usually this is no big deal. Bunnies do this about three times a year in reaction to season changes. But, much like his namesake, Fye is a bit of a preener. So it breaks my heart to see him with a mini mohawk on his back.I was outlining THE PLAN (a.k.a. what I'm going to do when I'm done being a summer bum) to one of my workmates earlier and was a little startled by her reaction:

ME: So I should be done working here by November. At least.
MARIE: Oh, I don't know. I doubt you'll have found a job by then.

HUH? Am I really that unemployable (and is this a word?)? Or just really naiive? I mean, I have damn good GCSEs, good a-levels and a degree! Plus four years work experience, a fine reference and voluntary work! Wouldn't you employ me?

I'm not looking for a job with Alan Sugar. Just anything full-time, please.

Fye is glaring at me. I think he wants me to get off the laptop and put him back in his sparkly, clean cage. I'm turning away and pretending I can't feel his gaze burning a hole in my back.

Tomorrow I must say goodbye to someone very special for 3 whole weeks. And then some. I'm not very good at goodbyes. I usually opt for the nonchalant, playin-it-cool, emotionally redundant method. Which often, I've learned, results in regret. Maybe I should add it to my list - learn to say goodbye. But isn't that just tragic? I don't want to grow accustomed to goodbyes.

I think maybe I should focus on improving my hellos.

I'm gonna get a pinwheel when we go to Blackpool. A BIG one.

(And the seventh unnatural hole in my flesh has a name! Isby!)

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