Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tones of Home

I've just 'received' my first birthday gift.

I'm going to Dublin. I think.

I wanted someone to make a big deal out of my birthday (and honestly, doesn't everyone? But I am loathe to ask someone to make a big deal. I'd honestly rather spend it alone than ask someone to spend it with me) and I really shouldn't have underestimated Vic and Lynda.

How the heck am I gonna top this when Vic turns 21??? I have ideas already, but I'm sure anything I come up with won't metaphorically punch Vic in the gut like this has to me. A good punch. Like being punched by Emmett Cullen maybe.

But I digress. I feel like I didn't express my excitement/gratitude/enthusiasm very adequately (as in I didn't scream like when she got me my Lucas shirt heh heh). I'm incredibly psyched. I've always wanted to go to Dublin (woo! I can tick it off on my list of awesome places to go!) and right now I can just picture myself in some awesome Irish pub sipping a pint of Guinness (I like Guinness, Vic will probably be drinking tap water. Le sigh.)

- Did you know Bram Stoker came from Dublin?
- Dublin has been voted the most friendly city in Europe in 2009.
- There are trams in Dublin! Woo public transport!
- Dublin has mild summers (thank God)
- I have irish roots, on one side anyway
- There's a zoo (!) and a castle in Dublin

So see, I'm very excited.

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augusta_avenue said...

Dublin is awesome! We went to the University for a special lecture and then went out that night... one of the best nights of my life.

You drink Guiness?