Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Doesn't getting things done just feel GREAT?

During exam period I generally relax my rules about a)working at the stadium b)cleaning my room c)any other none-educational commitment.

Which means when I finish exams I'm generally broke, living in squalor and majorly guilt tripping.

But not this year! My room is clean! I've been working every weekend (Friday and Saturday nights, man I have no life) AND my passport application is sent and I just need the dude to get back to me and tell me where to send the cash for our apartment in Marseilles.

Yeah baby, I rock!

I apologise for the boringness/bragging rights of this post. Expect a lot more boringness. I have a month before my holiday (well 29 days) and a lot of saving up to do. So work and no going out ensues.

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Toni Ellen said...

You're so good, I've not even done exams and my life is a million times less organised than yours... See you later!!