Sunday, June 14, 2009

So Would I Be Out Of Line If I Said...

Skinny is off to America for 3 (and a half) weeks. And as happy as I am for her (she'll be off gallavanting and having a grand old time in the US of A, probably becoming very nationalist while she's there and expressing her newfound staunch Englishness in many silly ways (whilst chomping on American 'candy')) I'm sad that she won't be there on Tuesday.

I have two kinds of friends: the kind of friends who are so stupendously busy that it's difficult to schedule time in with them and the kind of friends who drop everything for you. At times each of my friends falls into one of these categories. And I'm cool with that. But Skinny has tended to be the latter and I can't remember the last birthday I celebrated without her.

Hmm. It might have been my sixteenth. Was she there on my eighteenth? Gah! Anyway...

Regardless, there'll be a little pang in my heart on Tuesday. There'll be a little pang for everyone who isn't here with me... not because I wish you were (you all have things to do, important things that I get) but because it will remind me how much I miss you.

Still, I'll have Toni. Now I really cannot remember the last birthday I didn't celebrate with her. God, I'm old.

For someone who pretends not to care about their birthday, I sure do keep rambling on about it. But everyone else keeps bringing it up, I swear!

Okay, I have a serious question that I meant to ask... is it weird to go to a gig on your own? This is not a hint for someone to offer to come with me. Generally I'm cool with doing things on my own (going to films, hanging in cafes, shopping etc.) but this kind of scares me. Maybe I should add it to my 52 Things list???

What do you guys reckon? Suggestions and opinions would be appreciated!


absolute reality said...

Hmm... I wouldn't say that it was weird. But, I don't think that I personally would go to a gig alone. You just make a friend come along with you! Hence the fact that I've seen so many bands that I'm not that crazy about BUT that I've totally appreciated and loved the experience (nothing beats live music). Who's the band? x

Alee Pally said...

ok so i haven't done it before, but i know tons of people who have. i don't think its a big deal, it'd just be boring when they're soundchecking and inbetween acts.

and OMG less than 24 hours till you're all grown up honey!

cath_skinny said...

You know what scares me? When you open up your friends blog and the only thing that loads for ages on this stupid internet connection is a picture of me sat in subway showing the world how my nose is twice the size that it should be. At least my hair looks good.

Oh well. I'll let you off because I do feel incredibly guilty that I'll be away for your birthday. I did offer to call and see you in the morning, but you've got plans with Toni now. I do hope you have a really great birthday though, and I will phone you.

And your eighteenth was the year when we wanted to see you but you wouldn't let us because it was the day InMe released White Butterfly and you wanted to skive off college to go and buy it right away and then spend the rest of the day listening to it.

And I don't think it's wierd to go on your own. If I really wanted to go somewhere and nobody else could make it then I'd go on my own.

Love you lots! xxx