Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Number 1

The list of 52 Things To Do While I'm 21 started TODAY!

1. Get A Piercing

I love piercings. No tattoos, nothing permanent, just temporary holes in my skin. Love em. So I went into Skinvasion today to ask for a snug piercing. But when I did the dude behind the counter looked a bit hesitant. Apparently they're a real bitch to heal. I appreciated his advice and, since I was determined to get pierced today, I went along instead with his suggestion of a rook piercing (which was what I'd intended to get in the first place but kind of wussed out of).

I got in there (on my own since Toni didn't want to watch) and lay down on my side. I expected him to wipe my ear but he was straight in there with the needle! I totally didn't see it coming! Quickest piercing ever. And I love it. It did hurt but didn't sting much afterwards so it's all good (I might not be saying that when I go to sleep tonight though).

1 down, 51 to go :)

1 comment:

augusta_avenue said...

I like it a lot. Btw, its not weird going to a gig on your own. Music aficionados often have to make sacrifices like that.

And I think I know which gig you're planning to attend on your own. Go on, you know it will be worth it.