Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mr. Mandy Jones

'Birthday Week' so to speak has been lovely. First off Dan, Toni and Kyle made me a delicious birtday cake! No one has ever made me a cake before and I was honestly so so touched. I blew out my candles and made a wonderful wish. In fact, I made the same wish for both my cakes... does that mean I have double the chance of it coming true? A night of fun and games with some of my most favourite people in the whole wide world ensued. Thanks guys, it was so awesome.

Then Aqualung on Friday! I dragged Dan to the union like an hour before doors opened. It was clear the security guys felt sorry for us, sat like losers in the rain (sorry Dan!). No matter, we ended up at the front anyway and the gig was so, so perfect. The supports were great and Matt was just so charming and genuine. I loved how he kept forgetting the words and asking the crowd for help. And he was so funny too:

This is Matt dancing!!! Isn't he just too too adorable? I met this really nice guy (hi Kim!) after the gig. He was totally awestruck after meeting Matt and told me about how he got into Aqualung and how he danced the first dance at his wedding to an Aqualung tune. When he stumbled over to me at first I thought 'oh God, why me?' but he was insanely nice and offered me a lift to the station in the taxi with his friends. What a kind stranger :)

Check out this vid I took! You can hear me laughing on it occasionally :) But it was very, very funny.

Then of course Russell Howard last night, which was a total riot.

And now I'm just so so tired. Gotta rest up for work and Kings of Leon tomorrow. Ciao!

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