Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Manditory Birthday Post

To say yesterday was as close to perfect as days get is not an understatement. It wasn't just the weather (perfect), the presents (top notch) the company (fantastic) or the cake (DElish)... Never have I felt so fussed and loved. It was all about the constant text messages, the inbox full of e-cards, the hugs and kisses and the windowsill full of cards.
I'm a lucky, lucky girl :)

We started the day off at Gemini where, true to perfect day form, I had delicious lasagne. I talk about Gemini lasagne a lot so... I snapped a picture of it before tucking in. Just imagine that being placed in front of you, still bubbling it's so hot.
My one birthday stipulation had been a real birthday cake. My folks totally came through on this one. Twas very delicious. The 'rents took like a million pictures, which was sweet but got old very quickly.

I'd like to thank everyone, everyone who texted, bought me presents, sent me cards, hung out with me in Manchester... you made it such an awesome 21st.

Now I have a weekend full of gigs to look forward to :)

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