Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Kevin Smith

When I first got LOVEFilm I kept renting films I'd already seen - dumb. So I had to quit doing that (apart from the occasional classic) and start watching new films, cult films, Kevin Smith films...

Tonight I watched Clerks and boy has it been a long time. I love Clerks. The very idea of it... just totally inspiring. Clerks is a film for anyone who has ever worked in a dead end job.

Clerks II is, obviously, more polished, but the dialogue is still just as laugh out loud funny. And not much can make me laugh out loud. I am not a constantly lol-ing person. Plus there's a scene with a donkey which is just priceless.

Jay and Silent Bob was where it all began. Credit here must go to Toni and her cool Uncle Ewart. I love this film. Watch it for the cameos alone, you could not count them on just your fingers.

Surprisingly I hated Chasing Amy. I know he's supposed to be annoying, but Jason Lee's character was just too much of an asshole. Definitely Smith's weakest film out of my selection.

But I did love Mallrats, where Jason Lee was less annoying more amusing. Everyone seems to dislike Mallrats, probably just because it's not Clerks, but I found it to be good, if not as brilliant.

Dogma... I'm not even going there. Dogma is okay. Everyone really bums this film. It's quite obvious to me that Dogma is not the best Kevin Smith film. Dogma is just the Kevin Smith film that everyone's seen. Pfft, go out and get yourself a real Kevin Smith education.

I might watch Jersey Girl, but I think my Kevin Smith season is over. Cheers LOVEFilm!

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