Friday, June 05, 2009

Conceding Defeat

Sometimes I wish my birthday could just pass me by. Just skip over me, like skimming a stone. I did nothing when I turned 18. So the pressure to make 21 count... I'm starting to feel it. I want a story to tell my kids. I want a landmark.

And I've had offers. But I turn down every offer and say I'm doing something with someone else. Why is that? I can't even explain it to myself. I've still got a week to figure something out.

Did I tell you about my list? I decided to make a list of 52 things to do while I'm 21 (Skinny did too, but she's been 21 nearly a week and hasn't blogged once!). So, this is how it works:

- The things have to be things I've not done before (e.g. go go-karting) or something I'm doing differently (a different kind of piercing or going to a new place)
- It's not a life list, some of the things are totally un-extreme.
- I have to do at least one a week, but, if the opportunity arises, I can do more than one per week.
- I have to blog about it (preferably with photographic evidence)

The list is mainly to get me to do some stuff that I've been intending to do - a kick up the arse really. Like I've been putting off giving blood for ages so I slapped it on the list and now I have to do it (eeek, I'm scared already!).

So you can expect some weekly blogging about my random adventures!

Kirsty and I went to the Rivi on Thursday. I hadn't been for months and boy was I out of shape! At least now we've arranged to make it a weekly appointment (just like the old days) so in a couple of weeks I'll be tackling the hills like a pro :) I love getting to hang out with Kirsty and the exercise and all, but the best thing is just how gorgeous it is up there.

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