Monday, May 18, 2009

We Interrupt This Broadcast to Announce...

... I'm not dead.


Though I do appreciate the emails and texts enquiring as to my health. It kind of felt like I was awol last week. But really, I was just on the go a lot. Of course, a lot of things can happen in a week. So allow me to fill you in.

- My folks went on holiday. Rob and I are co-habiting peacefully (Rob just cooked steak and potato gratin and I'll wash up later) but the house does feel a bit... big.

- I got the Maccabees 2nd album after hearing 'Love You Better' and falling in love with it. I must admit, so far, I'm rather disappointed with it. It's very whiny.

- I baked lemon and white chocolate cookies and they went down rather well. Esp with my brother who has been happily devouring them all weekend.

- I didn't revise. But I am revising now.

- I bumped into Steve Bruce (literally).

-Ohmygosh it's less than a month till I turn 21.

- I watched 'Lost Boys'. It was okay, but Kirsty and Toni might have built it up a little too much.

- I also watched 'The Wackness' which I thought was gonna suck but didn't :)

- George fucked up my earphones so I bought these:

MMMmmm Skull Candy. They haven't arrived yet so I'm stuck dealing with my half working ipod buds, which means I'm reluctant to leave the house. Sad, but true. George might have done me a favour though. I'm no sound expert, but I've been told by tons of people how much better I can do than apple earphones.

But I don't like in-ear buds which didn't really leave me with a lot of choice. So now I'm going old-school with these and we'll see how it goes.

Do you guys have a book that you just seem to read every year? I mean apart from Twilight? This morning I was feeling pretty low so I pulled 'Just Listen' from my bookshelf and quickly found myself four chapters in. Despite being a highly emotionally challenging book, I just seem to read it all the time. At least once a year.

In the same way I can always watch 'You've Got Mail', no matter what the day or mood and listen to Incubus without ever getting bored.

I guess I could make up a tag with this little revelation, but tagging is so myspace/facebook culture that it often repels me. Okay, so if you guys are stuck for something to blog about tell the world what: a)book b)film and c)music/band/song you never tire of. Just a suggestion.

Oh and I'd like to add that I'm supremely disappointed in the blogging rate in general. Only Toni seems to be blogging regularly anymore. I don't blog for a week and suddenly everyone living away at uni is on my back about it, but the only people who do blog regularly are people I can have a coffee with whenever I want!

Get off your ass all you uni slobs and post something!


augusta_avenue said...

a) Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller (read it. you'll love it.)
b)weirdly enough it's raiders of the lost ark. must have watched it more than a hundred times
c)death cab

my mum makes a killer gratin

Toni Ellen said...

a)Pride and Prejudice b)Psycho c)Frank Turner

I agree about the rate of blogging, even missing days myself at the minute. But today, what a lovely surprise, I looked and six of the blogs I follow have been updated! I can't wait to see you tomorrow, I miss everyone so much...