Tuesday, May 05, 2009


So more than one person had alerted me to the creation of a Donnie Darko sequel. And, despite the sequel having nothing to do with the incredible Richard Kelly, my curiosity got the better of me.

As the title suggests, this film focuses on the story of the now 17-year-old Samantha Darko and her quest for peace. Thankfully, Samantha at least is from the original cast. Samantha and her unremarkable friend are on a roadtrip and get stuck in some hick little town. And thus the story unwinds.

Okay, so I was all ready to loathe this film. And purists will. A Donnie Darko sequel should never have been made. But this isn't a true sequel. As the title suggests, the film is a 'Donnie Darko Tale'. And if you watch it with that in mind, it's not bad. It's no Donnie Darko, but as a film in it's own right it's not horrible.

Daveigh Chase is absolutely captivating to watch. And Jackson Rathbone (a.k.a. JASPER HALE!) as crazy geek Jeremy is adorable. The score (though not a patch on Michael Andrews' in Donnie Darko) is beautiful. It's missing those snippets of dialogue or completely original scenes that made DD a cult classic (e.g. the smurf sex discussion or faeces are baby mice) but some of the cinematography is just as exquisite.

I'd say watch the film yourself, make up your own mind. No film will ever be as wonderful as Donnie Darko (Richard Kelly's second film, 'The Box', sounds, in my opinion, awful). But s.Darko wasn't a waste of film.

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augusta_avenue said...

well if the richard kelly freak approves I might just give it a watch