Monday, May 04, 2009


Lately it feels like I've just got this huge pile of things unfinished. How irritating! And it's hardly like many of them are boring (just that last 2,000 word essay). Like mostly it's stuff like watching films (s.Darko, Wall-E, In The Land Of Women), watching TV (Roswell, Gossip Girl and Red Dwarf), finishing books (Wicked dammnit!) and listening to music (a lot, a lot, a lot of Bishop Allen!).

Torture, right?

The real problem is trying to not start new things (though I'm just itching to watch some of the new Spring Season anime).

And I have a few things to blog about, but maybe I should go finish something first?

Silly isn't it how someone offering you a polo can be interpreted in a million different ways?

When Lucas scored his first premiership goal yesterday, silent tears poured down my face. It felt like a sign - both me and him had begun to overcome our adversities :)

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