Sunday, May 10, 2009


Passports don't come cheap these days. Remember the time when you could get a new passport for £25?

No, neither do I actually. Some dude at work was trying to convince me he got his last one for just 25 quid. He was also talking all night and not listening to a word anyone said to him. At first I didn't mind him, now I'm nearing "can't stand that guy" mode.

Unfortunately, I have three shifts this week so I'm kind of stuck with him. Work is bad enough without annoying co-workers. The thing is, I generally like the people I work with. Even my boss (Head Chef Mark) isn't so bad and my superviser (Meme) is sound as a pound. I generally don't care if people at work don't like me since I always outlast them.

Until now. I am the temporary fixture now. In just a few short months it will be time to look for another, more permanent job. I will have to release my safety net of the stadium and swim solo. And even though I won't miss scrubbing pans until my fingers prune or drying blisteringly hot plates fresh out of the dishwasher, I will miss my co-workers and even the place itself. No matter how terrible and low-paid my job is, it is rarely boring and oddly satisfying at the end of the night when the kitchen is clean, the plates are dry and stacked, the rubbish is gone and you turn out the light.

Needless to say, I really hate it when people question my commitment to my job. What is so wrong with staying in one place? Or with working hard? Not everyone moves on the minute they have the chance. And there's plenty of things to love about the JJB. How else would I have met so many famous people? Do you wander past David James in the lobby at your workplace? Or have to go on an emergency nutella run because Adebayor needs chocolate spread on his post-match sandwiches?

No, you don't.

I guess I didn't mean to go on a rant about my job. I just wanted to inform you of my busyness this week. Funny how sometimes things can just spill out.

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