Wednesday, April 08, 2009

To You From Me

(The last time I wrote a "future post" to myself, it came at just the right time. So this is my second one and I hope it will be helpful to me.)

It's October 8th. Everyone is out (except Rob, but he's so quiet that I don't notice him) and it is surprisingly sunny and beautiful outside. Fye is chilling in his run, and I'm listening to Clair De Lune. It's been a tough old week and somehow I keep deceiving myself into thinking that I'm okay. I'm not, not yet, but I will be.

This is for who I will be in six months, since I recognise the ever changing nature of people. Right now you'll probably be on the verge of that most horrible time of year and the rest of your uni time will be slipping through your fingers like sand. I sincerely hope you're okay, but I believe with all my heart that you will be. And that Liverpool with be this close to winning the premiership :)

Like last time, I want to make sure you're keeping up with a few things you should be:

- Give Mark, Toni and Kirsty massive, massive hugs. They are all wonderful friends and have stuck by you when you thought you were on your own.
- Be reckless. You're far, far too careful sometimes and you won't be 20 forever.
- Start thinking about quitting that damn job! I know you and I know you'll still be there. I think it's time to move on soon.
- Write. I think it might be the only thing that ever really makes sense to us, writing. So keep it up, no matter what.

Big times ahead. But Norman and I are cheering for you. Go and listen to 'Twisted Logic' by Coldplay.

Remember that lock and key. Keep dreaming, inside.


VAI2008 said...

Oi!!!!! Why don't I get a hug!? Or Dan! Pffftttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

silverpistola said...

You and Dan go off and leave me. Who do you think takes care of me while you two are swanning about at Uni???