Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Reading Minds

On Monday night we had the first barbeque of the summer and the first barbeque at Toni and Kyle's pad. I had initially thought this was a terrible idea, but I was forced to eat my words and a good time was had by all. Kyle was shown up by Mark and Dan managing to get the barbi going, but redeemed himself by cooking some pretty kick ass pork (that had been marinated in his own bbq recipe!). Us girls (and Mark Stevenson) were highly impressed!

I offered up the girl's half of the night by getting marshmellows to roast (I was pretty awesome at roasting them, but did not give into temptation even once!). It was such a great night and I'm sure we'll have many more bbqs now we know we can pull them off!

I'm not gonna comment on what Toni said on her blog yesterday. As a proffessional screw-up, there's one thing that I've learned and that's how to fix everything at the last minute. And fixing your own messes is not fun, but the gut-wrenching worry that comes with procrastination is far worse. Plus most of the time you really can be surprised at how little you really worrying about.

One thing I will say is that Danny was a total lifesaver yesterday. I felt really guilty for dragging him along (I don't care what he says, I asked him to come because I needed him there) and then dragging him into the city for retail therapy. But he was a total angel about it! He even stole me a Frank Turner poster from the student union!

And my hint dropping about Aqualung totally paid off ;)

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absolute reality said...

I had lots of fun in Manchester and was glad I could be there to support you guys :) I'm going to miss you loads x