Sunday, April 05, 2009


Since I don't get many weekends off (in fact, I won't have one for the forseeable future after this) I've been determined to make the most of this one. Today has been so awesome and chilled, I feel so relaxed and contented :)

As I'd suspected, my Twilight DVD arrived this morning (two days before official UK release! Thank you!) which made me very, very happy and gave me reason to brag to all my Twihard friends.

And here are the promised Postcards. Very noice!

I had like the best bacon barm ever for breakfast. Considering I haven't been eating bread for weeks it was so delish.
Vic and I watched the match in peace. Ah, true bliss! The two cutest players (Lucas and Emiliano Insua) were playing and we nicked a goal in extra time to take all three points. Does it really get any better?
Here is goalscorer Yossi! I've met him!!! EEEEEEK!

Since we're hanging out with Skinny tomorrow, I promised to bake her something. And since I'm skint I decided to make chocolate covered flapjacks and oat choc chip cookies!

The whole baking process was hugely relaxing and everything turned out awesome, though I do say so myself. This was my final batch of cookies and they are was moister than they look! Now my brother is ecstatic cause there's cookies galore and left-over porridge.

I really love weekends off :)
I'm off to bed to watch TWILIGHT! I hope everyone else's weekend is happy and productive!


Chocobo said...

Man, you always post pics of all these delicious looking baked good. They make me want to pick up baking again, but the last time I did that I gained about 15 pounds.

VAI2008 said...

Good weekend :D!!! Yooossiiiii!!! xxx