Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The joys of the journey have outweighed the pain


Okay, so he's not God, that's silly. But he's pretty close to omnipotent in my opinion. I can't really disclose the full details since I'm still in Oxford and Vic kinda needs to sleep, but here come the bullets:

- The new material is AWESOME (particularly a song called 'Tonight is the Night' and the new album title track 'Poetry of the Deed')
- The old material was awesome (duh!)
- Frank spat on me! (Not intentionally, he was singing and some projectile Frank spit hit my forehead)
- Vic admitted that Frank is pretty damn righteous live!
- I was in the bar WHERE FRANK TURNER WAS ALSO before the show. Alas, I'm way too big a wuss to have gone and spoken to him
- FRANK IS SO PLAYING READING AND LEEDS (he all but said it without actually saying it. I've died and gone to heaven)By the way, Vic sends her love.

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