Monday, April 20, 2009

Another Sunny Day

I love surprises. My ears are still whistling from last night :)

I've got a new addiction! Kirsty loaned me first season of Roswell and over the last couple of nights I haven't been able to get enough of it. So far it totally ticks all my boxes:

Cute guys: TICKPIECE
Non-annoying and slightly imperfect female protagonist: TICKPIECE
Good music: TICKPIECE
Non-cliched supernatural story-line: TICKPIECE

Okay, so Roswell is very 90s and, by now, could well be considered old school. What the hey, I pick up on trends a little late sometimes. Obviously the most intriguing part is the romance between Liz and Max, which, so far, is budding at an absolutely acceptable pace (e.g. I'm on episode 7 and they still haven't kissed). Sometimes I'll be watching and the characters come this close to doing something cliche/horrific/cringeworthy but then they just... don't. Which, thus far, puts Roswell up there with the best of 'em (Dawsons Creek, Buffy, Gossip Girl, Skins etc.)

Actually, I've been a bit of a DVD watching machine the last couple of days. On Saturday night I watched '27 Dresses'. It was o-kay, but as far as Chick Flicks go it was hardly a classic. I really liked Katherine Heigl (by the way, I was not watching this just because she was in Roswell!), but the film got way annoying in parts and the dude she was "supposedly" in love with was ugly, boring and seriously irritating.

I also watched 'Priceless' when I got home last night. And I enjoyed it, I really did, just not as much as I was expecting after all the hype. Audrey Tatou was stunning all the way through, I tell you, that woman is the closest thing to Audrey Hepburn that we're gonna get in this century. Like '27 Dresses', it's not something I'd watch again (or buy), but it wasn't a waste of time.

Sarah Dessen releases her new book on my birthday and Incubus release their new greatest hits (Monuments and Melodies) the same day. Like personal presents to honour my upcoming adulthood. Aqualung are playing in Manchester 3 days after my birthday :( I really wanna go...

I was stood around at work yesterday (tuning out the incredibly talkative girl I was working with) and a plot twist just exploded in my head. I honestly think if anyone had been paying attention they'd have seen a light bulb appear above my head! So my writers' block may not be over, but there's light at the end of the tunnel (thank you Chocobo for your advice, I've been trying to write down my dreams in detail the minute I wake up. Most of it is drivel, but it feels good to just be writing something).

Oh yeah, I've been rocking the atkins for the last four days after my Easter break. Today I got on the Wii Fit and discovered that I didn't put on any weight over Easter (or if I did I lost it again in the last four days). It feels good to be back on the weightloss track, especially with a gorgeous summer looming ahead.

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