Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So I've become rather OCD about my iTunes. It's bad enough that I am addicted to playlists (as in I have 43), but now I've become rather obsessed with playcount.

I blame myself really. I made a Smart Playlist made up of 100 songs that have yet to reach playcount of 1. Of course, it would make sense that any new music I import would go onto the 100 Least Played playlist, therefore making the playlist quite practical. However, now I've started some weird mission to completely empty the playlist. I even have an emotional justification behind it: I don't want any of my music to feel unloved.

Am I crazy?

I'm crazy, aren't I? Damn you iTunes.


augusta_avenue said...

yes, you are.

what the hell is on your least played exactly?

Toni Ellen said...

Crazy beautiful..