Thursday, March 05, 2009

If you're all about the destination...

(...then take a fucking flight!)

I am working girl right now. Which isn't always so bad. At work I'm useful and appreciated and people make me laugh.

Tomorrow I'm off to Oxford which is super exciting. I love being able to say, oh yeah, I've been to Oxford Uni. It's even cooler saying that my best friend goes there. But being able to say that comes at the price of her being so far away which really, really sucks.

I'm hoping we'll go to Camden. I'm hoping I'll be able to sleep a bit better this time. I'm hoping it won't snow (snowed here yesterday. Weird huh?)

Booked tickets for Frank Turner this morning. Booked tickets for Frank Turner last week. That's right, I'm guaranteed to see Frank Turner TWICE this year.

Gig Count So Far:

1. Emmy the Great in February
2. Noah and The Whale (on Sunday!)
3. Frank Turner in April (in Oxford)
4. Scott Matthews in May
5. Kings of Leon in June
6. Frank Turner in October (with Dan and Maiden!)

No doubt in between all those I'll finally manage to drag Mikey to a gig or Skinny will miss me so much that she'll be forced to lure me back to Keele with promises of a gig. Or someone amazing will happen to only be playing in Oxford and I'll beg Vic to let me crash on her floor.

I'll blog from Oxford! Promises!

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cath_skinny said...

I need people to play in Keele/Stoke to lure you back. Missing you isn't the issue when it comes to that, luvvie! I'm REALLY excited about this weekend. Especially now my parents have calmed down about the London trip (My dad got this wierd idea that I was going to London completely by myself. Not just the travelling but the musical and everything. Completely by myself. Why would anyone imagine I was quite that mentally ill?)

I shall check for gigs incessantly for you. xxx