Monday, March 30, 2009

First Wave

My stomach is literally curling up with excitement. In like 2 minutes (when Prodigy goes off) they'll be announcing the Leeds and Reading headliners.


KINGS OF LEON AND RADIOHEAD! Oh and Arctic Monkeys too but no one gives a shit about them. Radiohead! Ha ha ha, my brother is gonna be green with envy!

Zane Lowe is so naughty! He announces the headliners (um, which ROCK) and then leaves us all hanging! Dammnit, I need to know more bands!

Wait, wait, wait! We have more bands!!! Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Vampire Weekend, Deftones, Bloc Party, PLACEBO, Maximo Park, Deftones, Friendly Fires, AFI and The Maccabees! All in all I am one happy girl!

I mean, Placebo! They are hands down ones of the best bands I've ever seen. Kings of Leon should've headlined last year anyway. And Radiohead are music legends, how often do you get to see a band like them? Plus I am amongst the masses that loved 'In Rainbows'.

Honestly, 'my' festival gets announced in the coming months. I am really about the smaller acts, my festival is in the afternoon. But that's not to say I won't see any headliners. I am so there for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Placebo, so there.

Got our hotel room booked, our tickets booked. All that's left is to do some research (like get Radiohead's entire back catalogue) kick back and wait for the next wave of bands to be announced.

To anyone after tickets, I wish you good luck. They are worth refreshing a million times. They are worth selling a kidney. They are worth their weight in gold.


augusta_avenue said...

So far I've guessed 4 right, and you've only got 2. Smug mode.

flowery mug said...

Kings Of Leon on my birthday weekend?!!..
Just my luck when I don't buy tickets..
Sounds like a good line up!!..


hehe.. yeah, it's cool. to be honest i just felt like being an idiot.. i think i succeeded but thanks for your comment. youre probly right


aw, nah, i kinda knew i was being a nob when i was writing it, just felt the need to be over-spiteful.. ur comment wasnt harsh at all and you've no need to feel bad! releasing tension.. hehe, it's cool tho, i think that was the best comment i've ever read..