Thursday, March 19, 2009

Everybody Needs Somebody To Lean On

I don't make many appeals here on my piece of the interweb. But lately, something has come to my attention and I simply cannot just stand by and watch idly!

We all need a friend in this world. Someone to depend on, someone to laugh with, cry with, (but not sleep with). What is the point of this wretched, cruel world without the pieces of happiness our friends provide us with?


So I'm speaking out on behalf of someone who cannot speak for himself (probably because he doesn't know me!), after all, everyone needs a friend (and Seb Zealand - under cover super hero - is no exception!).

If you believe that everyone deserves someone, petition Danny Weldon to reach out to those who need him more than ever!

Thank you...

(To anyone thinking I've lost my mind completely, this is just a bit of fun. An in joke shall we say. But it will really bug Danny so it's all in the spirit of entertainment!)

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VAI2008 said...

Lmao!!! What the hell!?!?!? xx