Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Everyone in the blogger universe seems to be feeling pretty blue lately. It feels like November all over again. And I'm the same as everyone, struggling to turn that frown upside down.

Last wednesday me and my mates sat around and watched Russell Howard's live DVD. And it was exactly what I needed - a bit of a reality check. It was refreshing and hilarious and so, so sincere.

At one point Russell listed the things worth living for in this world. I tried to find a clip on youtube for you all but I totally failed. My favourite thing off Russell's list was radiator pants (for me it's radiator pjs, nothing nicer when it's winter than to change into preheated jammies!). Funny as it was, Russell had a point. Fuck love and goodness and all that big stuff. What makes life worth living to me is all those wonderful, small things.

I feel a list coming on.

Karen and Norman's List of Little Things Worth Living For:

- When you have a huge piece of gossip that you can't wait to tell your mates
- The first brew of the morning
- When it starts raining the second you got home
- Unexpected hugs
- Twilight
- Cereal at night
- Talking shit with your friends at one am (or later)
- Getting a strike when you go bowling
- Chance meetings
- Waking up before you have to and then getting to go back to sleep
- The smell of popcorn when you're at the cinema
- Songs that make your hair stand on end they're so good
- Being proven right :)
- That amazing smell when it rains on a hot day
- Lasagne and chips followed by a raspberry muffin at gemini
- Laughing
- Dancing when no one else is watching
- Boys with long hair

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raspberry flapjacks