Thursday, March 26, 2009


So, we're less than a week away from the Leeds Line-Up (or at least the top end of it) being announced. High time for mine and Cal's annual wager. This year I'm not gonna include the three headliners cause, due to very strong rumours, thats just too easy :P

My ten bands predicted to be on the Leeds 09 bill (across stages):

1. Yeah Yeah Yeahs (only 2 weeks till their new album hits the shelves and they love the Festivals)
2. Frank Turner (his new album is out October and he has a special place in his heart for Leeds and Reading)
3. Prodigy (this is a long shot, but they'd easily be allowed to headline a tent, if not second to a headliner on the main stage)
4. All-American Rejects (another long shot, but they've played before)
5. Doves (if not them then...)
6. Elbow
7. Franz Ferdinand (I hope, I hope, I hope...)
8. Noah and the Whale (another logical strong possibility)
9. Weezer (TOTAL wishful thinking but it could happen)
10. Emmy The Great (I'd actually put money on this one)


augusta_avenue said...

well, this year I obviously have a more vested interest in this. your predictions are very good, but i'm gonna not only shock you (good shock) but i'm also gonna beat you this year:

1. Maximo Park
2. Black Lips
3. Death Cab For Cutie (I know, I know! they've said they want to play!)
4. Incubus (your scream of delight is defeaning me already. still american pretty boys to me)
5. New Found Glory (shite)
6. Rise Against (slightly less shite)
7. Glasvegas (nice)
8. Florence and the Machine
9. Bon Iver (this one's my wild card)
10. Fall Out Boy (oh fuck, i hope I'm wrong on this one)

let battle commence.

silverpistola said...

Seriously? Incubus? I thought they were only doing Download? I was tempted to put DCFC myself but I didn't want to jinx the possibility.

I think you're wrong on Bon Iver though, that album is old now.

you could beat me this year, but I doubt it :P

augusta_avenue said...

well there's no way Weezer are gonna play, so we both lose one. incubus is a strong, strong possibility. they've played before as well, haven't they? besides, if they're here to promote the new album they'll be doing the festival season.

fingers crossed for Death Cab. it would make my entire year if they played.