Sunday, March 22, 2009


Okay, so all has been a bit quiet on the Twilight front. So I thought I'd make an announcement: I AM NOW TEAM SETH!

Not, obviously, in a Seth-is-so-hot kinda way. Ew, I'm not a fictional cradle snatcher. I just disagree with how you have to be one or the other, Edward or Jacob. I love Edward, really, I do. But he's far, far too nice to ever be considered my type.

I hate Jacob. I really, really do. And my Emmett fangirl status remains strong. But Emmett wouldn't classify as my type either.

Honestly, when I read Eclipse I was kind of taken with Seth. Breaking Dawn just made me adore him. I mean, he's sweet, brave, occasionally cheeky, funny and determined. What - a - DUDE!

Other than changing my allegiance (although I'm still obviously Edward all the way. duh.), I finally pre-ordered the DVD. This will save me making an emergency run to HMV the day it comes out plus I was smart enough to shop around so I get some exclusive Twilight postcards courtesy of

The thing is, I was just about to pay for my DVD when made me an offer it was very difficult to refuse. 15% off Twilight jewellery. I really loved the idea of the Cullen Crest jewellery and have a real soft spot for Esme's bracelet. But I was strong! I resisted!

Until it then offered me 15% off a t-shirt.

I crumbled like a digestive dunked in a cup of tea.

You like? It was either that or Team Jacob. Unfortunately, no team Seth :(

Besides that, my only other Twilight news is a possible sighting of RPATTZ! Not by me, sadly. Apparently (and I say that because I can't verify this, I'm hardly the press) he's dating a third year at Oxford. And one of Vic's flatmates saw him. Rpattz! In the flesh! Wow!

If you did one of those people chains, I wonder how far I, best friend of a genius at Magdalen College, would be from RPattz, dating a third year at the same college? Nice to know that the dude is going out with someone:

a) Clever
b) English

Hats off to you Rpattz, we English have standards.


Toni Ellen said...

I have some time to read over Easter, I'd love to read that sci-fi one she wrote... will it be at the library? (And no, this isn't a badly coded sex-message.) xxxx

Alee Pally said...

meeep, like a full twilight devoted post!

team seth! i likes! so, could there be a team carlisle? or a team sam?

no, they're both pap in comparison to team seth anyway.

thanks for the tip. i mite treat myself to rosalie's necklace!