Monday, February 02, 2009

Where's Fluffy?

Last night my good compadre and I went watching 'Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist'. I had to see this film since it is an adaptation from yet another YA classic (woo hoo!) and it totally did not disappoint. Go! Go watch it!

I'm at home essaying it up all day *sigh*. I'm still very, very bad at essays. They're a total hit or miss for me. And it's psychology which means blagging is strictly forbidden. This time tomorrow my essay is in and I am... free? To some extent at least. Right now I feel it hanging over me like a dropping pendulum.

Atkins is good so far... I think it might take at least five days for the cravings to kick in. Right now I feel... thirsty. It's snowing here which always confuses my rabbit. He stares at the snow as if falls and runs away when any comes near him. It must be strange for the world around you to suddenly turn white and to not understand why.

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augusta_avenue said...

i've seen NNIP and... it doesn't suck.

kat dennings is a goddess. i think i must go for jewish girls. or maybe its just all that long brown hair. or her dark lips.

*wanders off into kat dennings world*

the soundtrack is too good also.
actually, now i think about it this film rocked!