Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Viva Espana!

Well, I'm watching the Spain vs. England match as we speak and... losing my nationality at the same time!

No, no, I'm just kidding! It's just that Spain are so beautiful to watch, plus half the team are ours (Torres, Arbeloa, Alonso and Reina are all on the pitch!)... and then there's the Ramos factor.

And no, it's not just cause he happens to be hot (though he is very dishy) but he is just so good. He'd make my dream team any day.

I was kept up till past 4am talking about everything under the sun with Skinny (but mainly Nick and Norah's Infinite playlist which she loved too, so there!) and was seriously exhausted this morning. But it was so nice to talk without barriers, to say exactly what I thought for once and not to worry about the consequences. She's very easy to talk to, our Skinny, and I miss her very much.

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Anonymous said...

I miss you too! I miss you so so much! I'm really glad you phoned me back. I was a little nervous walking back on my own at that time. Stupid Keele lack of parking. Plus, I love our late night phone calls. You can call me absolutely any time you want to talk without fear of consequence. I love you no matter what hun. Other news, we had even more money promised to the CU today as well! Looking forward to you coming and staying here. xxx