Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So my only New Years resolution was to go to 8 gigs this year. I could have come up with many things, but I wanted something positive and doable. My previous record for a year is 7, thus trying for 8 this year.

This weekend was the first of the 8 with Emmy the Great. We're going seeing Noah and the Whale in two weeks (number 2). I'm very much hoping to go see the Maccabees in Stoke at the end of March (3). I've booked tickets for Scott Matthews in May just now (eeeeeeeeeeeeek!) (4). We're going watching Russell Howard in June (does he count? If I don't make it to 8 music gigs I'm just gonna count this as a gig) (5). And then me and Mum are watching Kings of Leon in June (6).

That's right, I could be three quarters of the way to my goal by June! And who knows, I may end up going to watch Friendly Fires or someone in Oxford (must discuss this with Vic) before then. Plus Frank Turner is touring in September and I'm hardly gonna miss that. I am so gonna nail this resolution!

All that said, I am hugely excited about seeing Scott Matthews. The last time we saw him was one of the best gigs I've ever been to. He's amazing, incredible, enchanting, mesmerising live. After a horrible couple of days, this is exactly the kind of good news that I needed.


Chocobo said...

I like it. A fun resolution, rather than giving something up or torturing yourself into some unattainable dress size.

Toni Ellen said...

He was totally awesome last time...