Sunday, February 01, 2009


So, a few people I know have done the Nablopomo before and February seems like the right month for me to do it (prepare to get very bored of me). The basic premise is this: you blog every day for a month.

Um, that's kind of it.

If I manage to blog every day for a month (and it's february, so that's only like 28 days) I get a pretty badge to put on my blog! S-weet!

I really enjoy blogging, but I wonder how this will change when I have to. I really want my badge, after all.

Nablopomo supply you with a theme, but it's optional. February's theme is... WANT. Very apt in my opinion.

Okay, so I want to lose some weight. And I feel better blogging about this than saying it because whenever you say it some well meaning idiot goes 'now why do you want to go on a diet?'. Uh, HELLO? Why do you think? And I really couldn't give a shit if people think I need to lose weight or not. This is my decision and I'm doing it for me.

So, this means a few months without carbs (*sobs*, bye bye my beloved carbohydrates!) and, as well as that, I'm hoping to go a few months Wii Fitting 5 days a week.

You may think I'm crazy (maybe I am?), but I'm a big believer that change requires a radical transformation. I have zero self-discipline so the whole cutting back thing just doesn't work for me. I want, nay, need to go cold Turkey (Turkey, mmmm, I can have Turkey!).

So together we shall journey through my chocolate/bread cravings, falling off the Wii Balance Board, driving my poor friends insane and rejoicing the first time I go to buy new jeans!

I'm hungry already.


Anonymous said...

You know exactly what I think about you feeling the need to lose weight. So it's pointless me saying anything I suppose. After all, the law does recognise us as being autonomous beings and does strive to protect that, despite limitations in order to protect the rights and autonomy of others. (I need to get a life. I was watching a film with Jess and Nat today and she said that I look at everything from a legal perspective. Surprised it took her this long to notice really..)

Anyway, due to aforementioned autonomy, I'll cut you a deal. I'll help you lose weight if you help me gain it? I've been trying for years and it's just not happening.

Love and miss you xxx

carma said...

I'm doing NaBloPoMo for the first time, too. Yay! Hoping we both get pretty badges at the end :-) and ditto on the carb addiction!