Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Hudd

Huddersfield is rather pretty. Almost prettier than Oxford. And this is the last Uni on my list to visit so now I can compile my review of my friends' Universities'.

Dan and I are having a nature nurture debate. How collegiate!

Dan has just told me that my love of geeks is predisposed.

The train journey here was one of the nicest I've taken.

Funny really, but I'm pretty happy right now. Can you imagine the whole world falling down around me and me just stood there smiling? That's how I feel right now, contented in my self-made chaos.

Maybe sometimes we need to break things to remind ourselves that we're strong enough to fix them too. I'm very good at fixing parties, cakes, iTunes, moods... Maybe people have to fix each other?

Or am I really broken? Perhaps this mess is my natural habitat? And is that so bad?

Argh, I need musical wisdom!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Where does it rate in prettiness against Keele Hall? If we discount the fact you were utterly miserable about staying with me that first time ;)

I hope you have fun, Karen. Although not too much as you decided to put us in competition with each other.

Lots of love xxx