Saturday, February 07, 2009

How I Struggle

This is when Nablopomo becomes a problem. See, cause there are days like today when you wake up late, read a book, play with your rabbit, watch the match then vedge on the internet.

How am I supposed to make that interesting??? Thankfully, my good girly friend Alee came to the rescue. Last night we stayed up till 4am watching terribly good films (I finally got to see 'Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging', I wouldn't reccommend it to anyone unless they're female and under 15) and having very, very deep discussions (whose hotter, broody Angel ('Buffy') or adorable Henry (Ugly Betty)).

And so, in true Lilly and Mia-style, we came up with a list. Alee was quick to point out that she can still appreciate the male specimen, despite not wishing to sample, therefore the list is entirely valid.
Top 10 GORGEOUS Musicians

10. Robert Pattinson - Okay, so Rpattz wasn't exactly my choice since (though I do appreciate his good looks) he's not primarily a musician and is no Kellan Lutz. But whatevs, I couldn't disagree with her.

9. Tyson Ritter (All American Rejects) - This might have been a spare of the moment thing since their latest tune is on constant loop in my head. He does have that bad-boy puppy dog eyes charm.

8. Brandon Boyd (Incubus) - Can you believe this guy is nearly 33? He still looks 22 to me. I don't know a girl alive who could resist this guys charms. Plus: his plugs are sooooo dreamy.

7. Caleb Followill (Kings of Leon) - Oh yeah baby! Okay, so I might prefer the guitarist, but Caleb is hot and has been so since the second album (the video for 'The Bucket'? *Sigh*). We'll just conveniently forget when they all had beards...
6. Gordon Moakes - Okay, I insisted on this one. But just LOOK at him! Curly chocolate hair, wiry slender figure, perfect bassist hands, bright blue eyes... I thank God for such perfection.

5. Jared Leto - Ew, ew, ew, EW! I did not pick him!!!

4. Damian Kulash Jr. - Please don't be mad that he's not higher! I mean, I've met him in the flesh like 4 times! My favourite ever thing about Damian?: On March 12, 2006, Kulash was arrested while standing in front of the Orlando House of Blues talking to fans. He was charged for resisting a police officer without violence. During his arrest, Kulash convinced the police officer to watch the video of 'A Million Ways' on his computer. Parfait!

3. Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy) - Again, this was so not one of mine. But I got decision over the top two spots so I conceded the third spot. I giggled a lot over his name too. Stump!

2. Isaac Hanson - I like Isaac... now... when he was 16... when he had the mohawk(y) hair-cut... with braces... Even Alee agreed that he grew up into a hottie. Plus he has my all-time favourite name (even though, his actual first name is Clarke - bit o' Hanson geek trivia for you there).

1. Blaine Harrison -Don't act surprised. If you read this blog at all you already know that Blaine happens to be my perfect man. Physically at least.

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Alee Pally said...

hey! Patrick Stump happens to be v.cute. and Jared Leto is a hottie.

btw, look at yourself dreadlock girl

nice pic of Rob