Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Honey Bunny

My Dad has allergies to dust mites so we've never been able to have cats or dogs. But unfortunately we happen to be a family of animal lovers. My brother and I had a slew of Hamsters when we were younger, but, as much as I loved the Hamsters, I always, always wanted a bigger pet.

The idea of a rabbit appealed to me when it became clear that I was going to be commuting to Uni. He was my first year splurge when I got my student loan. He's perfect because he lives outside so his fur doesn't affect my Pops and he's big enough to have a personality of his own, just like a dog or cat.

The entire family adores Fye, even my big, tough brother. The thing about having a pet is that they love you unconditionally, they miss you when you're gone and get excited when you come home and they're always there to listen to you (even if, of course, they have no idea what you're talking about).

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Chocobo said...

I have a giant white cat that sheds everywhere, but every night when I go to bed he lays on my chest, making it extremely hard to breathe, and loves until I suspect that he is actually trying to smother me. Then I push him off and he lays next to my ear and purrs like some sort of aeroplane.