Friday, February 20, 2009

Dirty Little Secret

I'm feeling a little worse for wear. Dan and I have been cleaning (deep cleaning) Toni's flat in preparation for the party. Now it's time to chill and have a brew before we start decorating. This place was diiiiirrrrtttty, no really.

I'm so looking forward to the party now though. I think I'm most excited about seeing Vic again. A month suddenly feels like a long time to go without hanging with her. I'm glad that Toni didn't let her sadness stop her celebrating something as monumental as turning 21. I think 21 is a way bigger deal than 18.

Dan and I have made the most incredible parcels for our game (Pass The Parcel, duh). Dan is currently ordaining them with stamps.

So, so, so tired. Blogging tomorrow is gonna be a nightmare. I might have to schedule a post (is that cheating oh gods of Nablopomo?)

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